Grease Guardian products range from point of source grease interceptor and grease removal devices to basement located fully automated grease and food removal systems. To help specify the correct system follow the links below. To obtain a sizing calculator to determine the correct model contact sales@greaseguardianasia.com.


Grease traps for kitchens. Grease removal units drawing.


Grease Traps for restaurants, fast food outlets or similar applications

Install a grease trap under the wash-up sink of a restaurant to stop grease at source. Combination ovens also drain fat away and can be often connected to the same trap. Grease Guardian recommends our undersink automatic grease removal units (GRU) for the best performance. Manual undersink grease traps are also available but require monthly pump outs. The size of these grease interceptors is determined by the flow rate of the sink fixture


Grease Traps for hotels or similar applications

Grease Guardian provide a range of centralised grease traps and grease removal systems that can be installed in basement locations to handle the entire flow of all kitchens in a hotel complex. The size of these grease interceptors is determined by the pipe diameter and distance from the kitchen fixtures


Grease Traps for supermarket deli areas

Most supermarkets have deli areas producing hot food. Grease Guardian automatic grease removal units have been installed under combination ovens and/or wash-up sinks in many of the worlds leading supermarket chains. Combination ovens usually have low flow rates of less than 0.5 l/s


Grease Traps for B&Bs or large domestic kitchens

Busy homes can produce a lot of grease. Many large homes have septic tanks or domestic treatment plants that can fill up with grease and eventually fail. Large homes or B&B’s should install a domestic grease trap to prevent fats, oils and grease going to drain.


Grease Traps for airports, shopping centres and multiple outlet complexes

Where multiple kitchens are located in one large complex such as an airport, maul or train station it is recommended that each location has a Grease Guardian grease removal unit. It is also a good idea to include a central grease trap or grease recovery device in the basement. Each point of source grease trap is sized in accordance with the flow rate of the sink fixture whereas the basement unit’s size is determined by the pipe diameter


Coffee waste strainers for cafés

Coffee waste from barista machines or at a coffee cup -up sink can cause blockages in pipework. The ST2 Coffee Guardian is a fantastic solution that filters coffee waste that is back-washed out of a coffee machune. The ST4 Coffee Guardian is ideal for sinks


Grease Traps for the Navy, cruise liners or other marine applications

Grease Guardian provide a range of grease traps designed specifically for marine applications. The Marine Guardian are state of the art grease recovery devices that are designed to operate on board ocean going ships. These grease traps can be easily fitted into existing or newly built ships and withstand harsh sea conditions.


Sediment Traps for sinks in butchers and prep areas

The Sink Guardian is a 3 tier strainer unit that has a basket insert and can be plumbed into any sink with a 90 mm plug hole. Great for stopping food waste going down the drain and much more reliable than standard strainers that are often misplaced. The Food Guardian 8, 12 and 23 litre sediment traps are ideal for food preparation sinks in any kitchen to stop food waste going o drain


Cash in on used cooking oil

You can sell that oil for 50 sen to RM1.50 per kg and Seberang Prai Municipal Council (MPSP) has made arrangements for collectors to take from high-rise blocks, residents associations and villages.

MPSP secretary Rosnani Mahmod said the combined consumption rate of flat residents, for example, created the required economy of scale for collectors to drop by.


目标年省250万处理费, 林冠英呼吁垃圾分类

目标年省250万处理费, 林冠英呼吁垃圾分类 槟州首长林冠英呼吁槟民每天耗1分钟分类垃圾, 协助槟州达致减少20%垃圾的目标, 以节省每年250万令吉的垃圾处理费。 (槟城.北海)槟州首长林冠英呼吁槟民每天耗1分钟分类垃圾, 协助槟州达致减少20%垃圾的目标, 以节省每年250万令吉的垃圾处理费。 他昨早到北海绿悠苑环保协会推介零垃圾计划致词时, 赞扬威省市政局主席拿督麦慕娜, 对方从全国149个地方政府主席中脱颖而出, 成为大马地方政府公会(MALA)主席, 也是大马历史上首位女主席。 麦慕娜说, 目前全威省已有10个住宅区响应零垃圾计划, 而位于峇眼拉浪花园的绿悠苑环保协会也是其中之一, 该协会这5年来成功回收68.72吨资源, 换来1万9927令吉利润作慈善。 她说, 该协会如今也将回收厨余及回锅油, 而I Seek Nature有限公司赞助一架推肥机予该协会以处理厨余, 至于回锅油则是Fatbusta Asia Pacific有限公司负责回收。


槟政府回收社区废弃油 彭文宝:再生生物柴油

槟政府回收社区废弃油 彭文宝:再生生物柴油 (北海9日讯)槟州政府推介回收食油和引擎油计划, 将废弃油制成生物柴油。 槟州行政议员彭文宝表示, 丹绒英达花园组屋是首个参与这项计划的住宅区。Fatbusta (亚太) 有限公司赞助大桶予该组屋管理层及72个小桶予每一户居民, 作废弃油回收用途。“丹绒英达组屋虽然是廉价屋, 但在环保方面也做得非常好, 这也是为什么我们选择该组屋来作为州内首个推行这一项计划的地区, 我们也欢迎其他社区陆续加入这一行列。” 他补充, 当居民家里的桶满了之后, 就可拿到楼下倒入大桶内, 大桶装满后, 管理层就可致电该公司派员前来回收, 这将有助于减少废弃油处理的问题。 他续说, 很多水沟阻塞, 很多时候是废弃油和化学品被倒入所致, 工厂茶楼小贩中心没有妥善处理化学品及过滤油, 最终导致水沟阻塞, 目前威省武吉班卓、柔府和峇眼都很多这种情况, 当局将在调查后对肇事者采取行动。出席该推介礼者也包括槟州行政议员林峰成、威省市议员陈治中及陈宗喜等。